• What does Pro-Dilgence LLC offer?

    1) Chief Financial Officer Services
    2) Due Diligence Management
    3) Litigation Support
    4) Marketing Strategies
    5) Business Valuations
    6) Tax Planning

  • Who do we serve?

    1) Entrepreneurs
    2) Emerging Businesses
    3) Athletes
    4) Entertainers

  • The Pro-Diligence focus

    1) Financial Consulting
    2) Wealth Maintenance
    3) Risk Management

Virtual CFO

From start-up to exit, Pro-Diligence simplifies the complexities of the your financial infrastructure so that you can focus on other areas of the business.

Valuation & Strategy

Pro-Diligence provides the experts who not only understand how to determine valuation but how it translates to real business value.

Marketing Strategies

Pro-Diligence offers executive marketing leadership for companies wanting to harness the power of its sales and marketing efforts.

Litigation Support

Pro-Diligence provides experts to support law firms in litigation whether an assessment of financial documentation or presenting in court.